Time Management and Productivity Program

Productivity Manager


Who is this program for?


General office workers including:


Administration, billing, sales, marketing and all general positions within a typical office environment


Please note:

"Pro Active Manager" is for Team leaders, Supervisors and General Management staff


Program Outcomes:


To take full control of all your work and increase capacity to deliver consistent results


Program content:


  • Individual assessment - We assist individuals to work out their current position and establish their starting point for improving work methods


  • How to manage and stay in control of multiple work environments


  • How to manage information, systems and multiple work devices such as laptops, smart phones and tablets


  • How to manage conflicting priorities and ever increasing workloads


  • How to negotiate realistic lead times with confidence and without saying no!


  • How to identify and overcome risk factors and traps that set you back


  • Pro-active strategies to stay ahead and on track for weeks in advance


  • How to stay on top of all your projects with strategies that work every single time


  • Upon completion you will have much greater control of your work and day


Program delivery:


There are a range of delivery packages available to meet your time constraints


Please contact us to discover your options


Program investment:


Cost varies depending on delivery methods chosen. Please contact us for more information






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Productivity Up!
Productivity Up!

Productive Workers
Productive Workers

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