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Jemma Pennick   (client liaison officer UOS)

"I enjoyed the presentation and interaction between the facilitator and the participants. I see the program as a very good tool for implementation on a wide scale, not only in the workplace, but in life as well"


Margaret Martinez  (Client  Manager - Work Ventures)

 "Basically, I found the program to be brilliant and very motivating."

"Very Inspiring, gives you motivation and food for thought"
Ivy Sherry  (Administration officer - Relationships Australia )

"Great presentation, fun and inspiring...well done and thank you !"

 Christine Tindall (Administration officer - Relationships Australia ) 

" Today's workshop was a good pace, easy to understand, the interactive session was extremely useful."

John Leith (Managing director - 2discover)

"Very positive course." Paul Rogan

"I enjoyed your workshop and I know the information will be very useful, thanks!" My Linh 

"I'm looking forward to the one on one session for more specific help relating to my individual circumstance."

Adrienne Hmelnitsky

"Val is an inspiring person who shares his acquired wisdom with enthusiasm."
 Graham Bowker (Workplacement manager Work Ventures) 

"I found this course very interesting and informative. Val gave me new ideas about how to move faster towards my goals, definitely not a waste of my time".
Tanya Marinovic

"I enjoyed the energy and the "can do" approach. I also enjoyed the focussing on goals. Elizabeth Lumsdin  

"I found your course interesting, most enjoyable and a valuable lesson"

Kym Martin  (Client  Manager - Work Ventures)

"The relationship section has enabled me to clarify my current relationship. The program has also helped me to recognise a deeper sense of self." Fiona Vavaysis  (Commbank officer)


"I found the program to be a very interesting read, entertaining and inspiring. Great examples"

Monique L  (business manager)

"I found the workshop made me stop & think about my life & how to achieve more for me & the people who are part of my life everyday" 
Tracey Rennie (Administration officer - Relationships Australia ) 

"Very informative, with lots of positive & exciting information to help me go forward.
Many thanks Val." 
Ms Chris Muller 


"Good day, very useful" Sabrina Aluir 


"I discovered how to create my vision for my future. Now that I've learned how to have more clarity in my life, I'm finding it easy to stay focused on my goals. I have also increased my sense of self and approach issues and challenges with a lot more confidence." 

Dianna Dupont  (Professional Dance Instructor & Clothing Designer)


"Helped to put things into perspective re achieving goals through planning."
Lynne Thomson (Work Ventures receptionist)

"Today's session has opened my mind to different ways of thinking. I now understand how things can work my way." 

Vivian Ann Do 


" I thought the course was good and it made me feel very positive."  Helen Williams

"This program is the next best thing to having a live-in coach. Rather than having to buy books on each of these subjects, the program highlighted the things I needed to know. I felt good and positive about moving forward. I especially like the fact that help is only an email away." Annemarie Van Riet  (Interior Designer) 


"The program has helped me to prioritize my activities, manage my time better and increase my understanding of my values in my business and life." 
Philippe Ruttens (Professional writer & Photographer) 


"Excellent approach for building a positive image, personality and setting - reaching goals.. Would love to attend some more seminars like this."

Bhumita Bhalia


"Congratulations for a very good presentation today. I really learned a lot from it, specifically the practical application of the theories of motivation and goal setting"

Ayub Hsabila 

"Clear messages, easy to apply."  Stephen Hershan

"As a professional trainer, I was impressed with the content & delivery of this program. The program  was well balanced program and I believe it to be appropriate for all age groups and industries"

Vivienne Smith (Workplace Trainer Job Futures Work Ventures)


"Thank you for telling me everything  that I needed to know"

Sugeng Hakym


"It was interesting and useful".  Csaba Harangozo


"Val was articulate and entertaining" Elizabeth H K Kramhoft


"Thanks Val, you have answered a lot of my questions - especially why I did not get my perfect job."  Sue Tonkin



"Thankyou very much, your workshop has helped me to get back on track" G. Burgess


" Your coaching has helped me to realize my purpose and goals. Now I'm on my way to writing the book I've always dreamed about."
Emma Rogers - (mother & social worker) 


Thanks for the course, I think it will be very useful. Craig Rem

Productivity, time management, leadership, productive worker, productive, manager, managers, team leader

Client feedback forms            Comments inside feedback forms


Val, as always is very good. He is clear and insightful. Would recommend.

Val kept the session interesting and appropriate to our profession.

Val is very good.

By far the best trainer than all previous trainers.

Fantastic presenter - Val was able to relate everything directly to what area of weakness I had and develop them further.

Excellent, very good positive, enthusiastic.

Alert and creative.

Great background knowledge and anecdotes.

Good to see more examples that relate to our industry. Always engaging - makes the workshops fun and easier to learn.

Really good. Presented in an engaging manner. Excellent trainer. Very well presented with examples.

Highly recommend.

Related concepts to real life / work environment effectively.

Made a dry topic more enjoyable.

Val is very good.

Professional, engaging, attentive.

Very interesting person and makes the workshop enjoyable.

Good level of energy kept us engaged!

Legend. Very clear and informative.



Relayed very useful day to day material.


Great workshop! very engaging and well delivered - had me interested all day.

Good as always.

Very well presented.

Very engaging and presented the material in a format relevant to my work.


Val is a great presenter and is very open, approachable and clear.

Very professional, approachable, clear and precise.

Great trainer.


Thoroughly covered the materials and emphasised those bits most relevant to our occupations. Kept me interested all day.

Well run.

Great anecdotes - Engaging

Well delivered. Use of anecdotes.

Great job!

Val is very easy to communicate with and presents content very well

Interesting and engaging.

Day to day running of the unit and working with my junior staff.

Interesting and engaging.

Made it informative and interesting.

Was great. Funny, motivational, role model.

Very good.


Productivity, time management, leadership, productive worker, productive, manager, managers, team leader

Today 'IS' the right day to start improving!



Hi there, for more than a decade I've trained, coached and professionally developed several thousand business people within organisations that you may recognise as household names.

I’ve worked across numerous industries including Banking and Finance, FMCG,

IT & T, Energy, Construction, as well as various government departments at Federal, State and Local levels and have clocked up over 10,000 hours of professional people development experience.


I've worked with senior executives that control $$ Billion businesses, their PA's, GM's, team leaders, supervisors, sales staff, general office staff, admin staff, manufacturing production personnel and even the front receptionist upon occasion.


I've helped thousands of individuals and dozens of teams overcome a variety of work related issues and challenges, including team related, time related, task related and general work management related issues. I can assist you too in overcoming your work related challenges!


I believe you can have an abundance of success both at work and in your personal life with the right training, coaching and mindset.


All you need to do is state what you want or need to happen.


I look forward to connecting up with you to explore the range of options that are available to you in order to achieve your business objectives.

Val Markovski 

Managing Director



'Now IS' the right time!

  State what you need

Organisations I have worked with include:


ANZ, ATO, BASF, BOC Gases, Centrelink, Customs Dept, 2 Discover, Defence Dept, DDB, Dept Human Services, Estate Wines, Fonterra, Gold Coast Tafe, Glen Eira Council, Kraft, Lend Lease, Lion Nathan, NAB, National Foods, NTC, OI Group, Origin Energy, Pan Software, Pyrotek, SNP Security, Shell Corporation, Swagelok, Tax Dept, Villawood Properties, Viva Energy and many others

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