A.C.E.S for Telemarketers (Active Client Engagement Strategies)


Who is this program for?


Telemarketing sales staff and telemarketing team leader / supervisors



Program Outcomes:


To increase sales performance in a telemarketing environment for


both inbound and outbound sales


Program content:


  • Telemarketing skills health check - We work out where you are at and your probability of success.


  • Building rapport and using the right types of phone and online communications


  • Utilising soft sales skills to your advantage


  • Understanding your clients needs, problems and frustrations


  • Helping your clients buy the right available options rather than selling


  • Closing techniques


  • Working out the numbers within each day


  • Delivering the solution with confidence and passion


  • Ending with impact and setting up for repeat sales opportunities


  • Upon completion you will realise an increase in sales success


Program delivery:


Workshop format. 1 day for up to 10 people.


Program investment:


Please contact us for costs associated with this program



Sales and Relationship Management Program

A.C.E.S for BDM's & Account Managers (Active Client Engagement Strategies)


Who is this program for?



Account Managers and Business Development Managers


Program Outcomes:


To enhance sales skills, sales management techniques and sales results.


Program content:


  • Sale skills health check - We work out your current position and your probability of success.


  • Understanding your personal  sales process


  • Establishing your systems to manage your work and clients autonomously on the go


  • Understanding your SWOT and understanding your clients SWOT


  • Building rapport and utilising the correct communications strategies


  • Building, maintaining and utilising relationships to help your sales cause


  • Understanding your client intimately and differentiating from competitors


  • Delivering client sales presentations with passion and confidence


  • Negotiating, setting and delivering client expectations


  • Capitalising on your relationship investment to win new business


  • Salvaging sales going south and ending with impact


  • Upon completion you will increase sales success.


Program delivery:


Workshop format. 1 - 2 days for up to 10 people plus ongoing coaching


Program investment:


Determined upon understanding your needs and the solutions required to meet your needs



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How can we help? Please state what you need


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